Sunday, June 24, 2007


THAT'S what i turned today...another year older...and a whole bunch of grey hairs richer!
i had a great day.
was woken up this morning by t-pot giggling and waking her dad up, so that they could make me tea and sing to me.

it was all planned from yesterday - it was soooo cute!
what a great way to start the day!

having a birthday on a sunday rocks! i feel so loved! friends and family made me feel really special.
this afternoon i packed out my new kitchen - YES! you read right - it's done! at last! and boy does it look good!
every now and again i walk past just to make sure it's still there. hee hee
there's still loads of work tho, but at least now i can use it.
i managed to take some snaps of the kids this morning. jamie looked so incredibly handsome could i not?


Anonymous said...

a bit under-xposed but still lovely

Susan said...

I think they're just perfect - completely lovely!

Desi, your pix always astound me.

Esti said...

* gasp * '' a bit under-xposed'' ?? Your photos are perfect Des!

* hangs head in shame *

Can't believe I missed your birthday !! I hope you'll enjoy a wonderful year Des with blessings every day ! ((hug))

JaneW said...

The second last pic could serious be in a magazine. It's fabulous :)