Tuesday, June 5, 2007

almost done....NOT!

so...amongst all the building going on at home, i'm actually living a little too....believe it or not.
we have no kitchen, or living area...at all. i kid you not.
quite an adjustment, might i add. ;)

we're living in jamie's room (aka the kitchen)
and our main bedroom. (aka the general storage area)
loads of fun.

nah! seriously tho - it's not nearly as bad as i thought it would be.

on saturday we had the builders in, the breakers, the ceiling folks, the window people and the electrician in, ALL AT THE SAME TIME! and i DIDN'T MOAN ONCE - and for those of you who know me, you will know that's quite a feat for me. lol lol.

and through it all, i even managed to do a photo shoot.

It was my niece, Daniela's 13 birthday - yes, A BIGGIE - and her gift from me was a photoshoot of her and her 7 friends.


esti and i took the pics, and boy! did these girls have a good time. i've never seen so many mirrors and so much lipstick being hauled out every few minutes. lol

there was chattering and giggling the whole way through. it was fabulous!

here's some shots from saturday.

tons more to follow.

thanx for popping in!


Susan said...


I especially love the group one and the jumping one!

And for not moaning once - well done! I'm proud of you, I wouldn't be able to keep my trap shut!

Kel said...

What an awesome aunt you are! Can I have you?
Lovely pics as usual Desi.Good luck with the builders:)

Natacha's day said...

I can just imagine all the chattering!!!! Lovely pics!

Butterfly said...

Lovely pics Des! They realy know how to strike a pose :-)

Fiona said...

I'm sure your neice is over the moon with these pic's Des - what an awesome present.
Well done!!!

suew said...

WOWEE gorgeous gals Des!! i love all those :)