Saturday, July 28, 2007

it's been a while

well, it certainly has been a while! i blame it entirely on Facebook! *giggle* an addiction all on it's own!
the building is done! can you say WOO HOO???
our house is great - soooo livable. really.
we're really glad we did it. thankfully our building experience was a breeze - other than my rebate rods being stolen *rolling eyes*, it was quite uneventful.
the end result is FABULOUS! FABULOUS i tell you!
i've taken various pics lately - most of the kids, and some for camera club.
will share a few here.

oh, oh! i discovered THE most amazing light in the living room - i had to take advantage of it. bet i'll be using it a LOT more in the future! *evil grin*

how cute are these ear muffs? we've been searching for years. finally found some!
*sigh* they've been misplaced tho - tell me - where would YOU go if you were ear muffs??

i quite like this effect. took these a few weeks ago - it definately wasn't as freezing cold as it is right now!
kinda freaky this one, i know, but i like it!

thanx for popping in!


Susan said...

Gorgeous as always Desi!

Anonymous said...

This sounds positively lame , but ... WOW!!

Beautiful Desi !