Sunday, September 9, 2007

**SpRiNg HaS SpRuNg**

gosh! IT'S HERE! finally! SPRING HAS ARRIVED! a moment much awaited in this household - erm...let's just say, we don't do winter well.
can you tell i'm excited??
i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this time of year...there's so much promise in the air - you can actually smell it!
there haven't many going's on in the lives of the mcarthy's: everything is pretty much settled down now after the renovations. we're just enjoying our home very much at this stage!

to break in summer, i hauled out the camera. hey! what else can a girl do??
at last - i can see my kid's bodies again! WOO HOO! one gets sooo tired of seeing polo necks and michelin men day in and day out. and somehow this winter was really cold!
the best part tho was.... get this
me and the kids didn't get sick once! not one, single time!!! *SHOCK*
can you actually believe that??
jamie got sick in march or april, but none of us were ill throughout winter! i still can't believe it.
but *giggle*, now that i've actually deigned to type it in black and white, i guess i shouldn't be surprised if it catches up with us this this week. know murphy and all that!
still, officially winter is over...and we're the picture of health
anyhoo, here's some pics of me breaking in spring

my girly girl:

a boy and his dawg

thanx for popping by!

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Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad I popped by! Stunning Des!!