Thursday, November 1, 2007

Busy bodies

now here's a busy little body! she wouldn't stop long enough for me to snap away.
she could easily win the crawling olympics!
what a sweetie!

and she has an older brother ~


Anonymous said...

Awesome Desi.

I love the crawling pic where the baby looks up at you!


Kami said...

Sheesh, your photography improves every time I stop buy. You really are coming along at a fast pace. I'm excited to see what your future definitely have the eye and the skills!!!

The first one is wonderful. Crawling babies are a little tricky, but oh so fun!

Tanja said...

What a gorgeous siblings

Jenty said...

Aww, they're gorgeous!! Do you use a sheet on the floor?

Carol Markusse said...

You really have this photography thing taped Desi. Stunning pics.

Desi said...

thanx very much you guys. kami that's *such* a lovely compliment.
thanx a lot.

jeanette - i have a white laminate floor. works a charm!

Esti said...

LOL tell me about crawling babies ! You've done excellently Des! Love them all ; I agree with kami re your eye and skill and of course , your dedication . I know all about that my friend ! Well done!