Friday, November 30, 2007

can you say HECTIC?

i've been hectically busy of late: year end functions like you can't believe! so much food, i'm going to be needing a rolling licence one of these fine days, but i'm happy to say, that FINALLY, i'm done proofing these!

here are just a few recent ones.


Jenty said...

Des, those are stunning!!

Fiona's photo a day said...

Lovely Des
I really like the way you've captured the wind in their hair...they are beautiful!!!
I'm sure their parents are very happy with what you did :)

Kami said...

Way cute, I love the second one.

Tanja said...

Wow, where do all these pretty girls come from - they're beautiful!

JaneW said...

Lovely photos of beautiful girls. You are brilliant at capturing natural beauty!

Jackie Jean said...

very nice shots! I love the last one :)

Desi said...

lovely photos
great work

Desi from