Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Some new blends


Jenty said...

Oh wow Des, just incredible!

Anonymous said...

I see the first photo was shot with a nikon? have you switched from canon?

Desi said...

definately not a nikon! my canon. as always.

who are you?

Anonymous said...

Just a blog follower from ilp
I like to check the exif data of photos, and while checking that one, it shows that it was taken with a nikon d70, date - 2007-09-22, in aperture priority, f11 at 56mm.
I am sure I can not read it wrong?
Do you think it could give false datta?

Desi said...

hmmm - that's sooo weird!

although, i downloaded the fabric texture and the wall texture from a texture site (texture king i think), do you think it could be showing the data from that then? i'll check the data on those texture photos i downloaded. that's all i can think it could be!
i'm baffled.
hee hee - i've never touched a nikon camera in my life!
also, these are new photos, i took them last month. what i'll do is download another from that same session - sooc - and you could check that.
i'd love to see what it says!

Desi said...

can you tell this was really bugging me? ;)

You can check it, if you like, on

the second one.

Anonymous said...

That explains a lot.
I find checking the datta very helpful with my photogrephy journey

Fiona's photo a day said...

Very nice Des
You are getting SO good at this :)

BTW how can someone else check the settings of our photo's? I never knew that was possible?

Desi said...

hey fi!
well, i checked, and it's not that easy. but i guess if you really want to do it, you can.

i couldn't check the settings directly from the photo on the blog, but i copied and saved, and then clicked on properties.
if you go to advanced properties, you can see the exif data there.

but like i said. i guess you'd really want to check them.

i'm sure there's other ways too, but it's not really something i do on other people's blogs, so i wouldn't really know.