Sunday, October 26, 2008

man....I am stoked!

totally, totally stoked i tell you!

we had our camera club trophy evening on friday, and lo and behold...i won the b&w category and the digital art category!!!

and then to add to my excitement, they put together all the winners of the different categories through the evening, and they chose the 3 top photos of the year. will not believe it!!!! but my b&w got 3rd place


my digital art entry won the IMAGE OF THE YEAR!!

i am still soooo excited! lol - can you tell...??!!

here are my entries
my b&wand my digital art
i tell you, i'm *still* smiling!


JaneW said...

Wow wow wow Des!! Wow. But totally deserved. Your work is fabulous. You are very talented! Congrats :)

Natasha said...

well done Desi, very well deserved!

Desi said...

thanx you two!

Kara May said...

Oh these are gorgeous - love the feel of them.

Natacha said...

AWESOME Des!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tanja said...

Your prizes are so very deserved, well done!!!

Gillian said...

congratulations Des...stunning pix...well done.