Wednesday, July 1, 2009

two oldies

two really old pics.
i posted these on a photog forum i chat on, and i told the girls that these are the pics that got me started.
some of my first that i really liked.
i tried different processing on the first one. i kinda like the old look!
both photos taken with my powershot S1 IS
this one was in 2006 - och! look at her. she was just a baby then
and this one taken in 2005 - he was still a little, little boy.
now he's almost taller than me *sob* (ok, that's not so difficult tho, hey...?)


Georgina said...

Desi I LOVE these I really really do You are obviously very talented if these are oldies you knew what you were doing right from the start.

Jeanette said...

They are gorgeous shots!!

Natasha Whiteley said...

oh be still my heart!
golly Des, they've grown hey? my gosh!

Tanja said...

These are lovely, they have both grown so beautifully!

Aubry Canales said...

I agree with Georgina! So lovely.....I especially love the first one. :-)

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