Saturday, October 22, 2011

newborn photographer l bloemfontein

so i have this little problem...and one could call it indecisiveness:
i can't seem to decide on what i like most.
when i do teenagers, i like them most, and think: this is it.
then i do couples, and it's the same thing.

let's not talk about when i do maternity. i LOVE those shoots.

i've done a wedding or two and thought - yes! i LOVE weddings.

then it's families, and seeing the interaction: love that too.

and then there comes a day when a little bundle of gorgeousness arrives at my door, and i swooooooooooon...literally.

and then i think (yet again) you guessed it....this is it.

i'm SO indecisive.

but can you blame me?


Barbara said...

Well I can tell you that you do them all so well. Nothing wrong with you you are just a beautiful photographer. Love these as I do with all of your images. :)

Sylvia Borgo said...

what a darling sweetie! love these!

Amy said...

Just breathtaking! Love!

Jamie said...

Desi, these are so soft and lovely. So sweet. Love them!

Danielle Frank said...

These are so, so sweet!