Monday, April 16, 2007

bricks and mortar ad being nekkid

i keep forgetting we have neighbours behind us now - they've only just built a cluster complex there.
it's quite annoying really - i used to have such freedom to let it all hang "freely"
lol - right - so i still have voile curtains, so the days are ok, but now the nights are a problem anyhoo - i'm waltzing around - as we speak - with a towel around me, and one wrapped around my hair, and i walk past the open front door (the builders leave just after 3 - so it's safe - but they wouldn't be able to see me anyway, coz they're building on the other side) to my dismay tho - over in front of our front wall, on the pavement, there's two chaps offloading more bricks.

and they're high up on the pile - with the perfect bird's eye view into my front door. where i've been walking passed OFTEN. lol lol - i can only laugh. ok - i rambled about crap, didn't i?

10 minutes later...

oh lawd - so it actually gets worse! note the time of my last post, and this one.

the doorbell rings: could you pls sign for the bricks?
i'm like: erm....i can't come outside right now.
ma'am we NEED your signature.
ok - give me a sec.
rush like a wild woman, throw something on - stand on the pavement with wet hair.
t-pot (yes, my dear child does indeed follow in her mother's footsteps) runs outside with towel around the hips. lol lol.
i signed like 6 forms - and rushed back in.

now, i'm fully clothed - at last!
and will be staying that way for the duration of the building!

other than that - we've been having a swell time of late. the kids seem to be getting on better and better.
there is many a time i come rushing into a room, coz t-pot is screaming her head off. me running in to rescue her, thinking she's screaming in pain and agony, only to see her under her brother, squealing her little head off!

ah! sibling love ~ what would we do without it...?

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Anonymous said...

Oh LOL - I still giggle about that!

and I haven't seen these pix either!

Sibling love ...... what can I say, I still need to get to that stage with my kiddio's.