Tuesday, April 17, 2007

...you call them kids....i call them mad-hatters!

had loads of fun outside today. enjoying the last days of summer.
i don't do winter well, so i'm milking it for all it's worth ~ lol!

altho there was an icy wind - and much to my utter delight, t-pot insisted on wearing the new beanie which i've been begging her to wear for weeks now!
...no complaints from my side!

i don't know if it's the food they eat (or rather the food they don't eat ;)), but these two of mine are nuts! crazy kids, i tell you!

here's some scenes from today:
i love you, you love me, we're a happy family...!

you've got to keep your hat on...

who me? give my mom a heart attack? NEVER!!

needless to say, they were exhausted, and are now sleeping like logs!

all in all ~ a great day.

gawd - i love these little people...


Esti said...

They are precious mad-hatters ! I have first hand experience LOL !Beautiful as always Des !

Anonymous said...

I love the action shots!

Kids ..... mad-hatters, who actually care, they are beyond gorgeous!