Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Raindrops and mud

i've been working madly on my photo challenge for camera club for the month of may: a-photo-a-day for 7 days.
my first thought was: "pah! easy peasy - i basically take photos everyday." BUT to get a decent one to actually write in? one that's not of my kids? not nearly as easy as i would like to have thought! lol

well, yesterday we had too much wind. so i was stuck indoors - and this is the result:

today we had some rain, so amongst the mud and muck, i took advantage and managed to get one semi-decent pic:

i'm quite happy.


Esti said...

And so you should be Des ! Your photos are awesome !

Anonymous said...

The things one doesn't see with the naked eye ....... awesome Desi.