Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mrs Mouse, teeth and inflation

just five seconds ago i phoned the whole world to tell them the very exciting news of the appearance of my baby boy's first tooth at just over 6 months.
now ~ in the blink of an eye ~ i'm phoning everyone that will listen, to tell them that that same tooth has fallen out! what a milestone! bittersweet for me.

he is SO excited, and i'm trying to hide the tears which at this stage have been flowing freely

we noticed it was loose a few weeks ago, and boy has he been working it!

eventually it was hanging by a thread on the morning of 10 May.

so his teacher did the didn't even take much to pull it out. she gave him a special little tooth mouse box ~ which we knew the mouse would visit

wonder what the going rate for a FIRST tooth is? i'm thinking more than usual?? here's some more after pics

note the pride! little man! where has the time gone...?

so come evening and the mouse paid us a visit! Very exciting stuff!

...mrs mouse put R50 in the slipper, i made little pawprints and messed up the tooth box, and removed the tooth. i woke up the next morning and saw that mr mouse had removed the R50, and replaced it with a lesser note *rolling eyes*
mrs mouse promptly removed it and replaced it with original note (hee hee)
jamie woke up with a smile on his face (i kid you not) ran to the slipper and was so excited ~ he couldn't wait to see if the mouse had come! lo and behold, there was a R50 note!
mom explained that since the first tooth is so special, more money is paid for it.
jamie went running to his dad - in all the excitement - and told him the mouse had been! dad asked and how much did the mouse leave? R50!!
he rolled his eyes at mom.
mrs mouse explained that she had taken inflation into consideration.
mr mouse shook his head and said: "no wonder you never have money" lol lol

all in all a GREAT occassion!

PS - for the regulars who are reading my blog, and can't leave a comment; i've changed the settings, so you won't have to log in with a google account to leave a comment anymore. you can just click on the anonymous or other button - but do leave your name for me please!
Thanx for reading!


Anonymous said...

Aww LOVED your tooth story! Jamie's pride is evident LOL ! mmmm ... R50 note ...

(Hey , I can see what I'm reading LOL)


Anonymous said...

Couldn't see the tooth or the missing tooth for that matter ..... can't see past Jamies eyes! OMW they are to die for!

This is such a lovely keepsake Desi. Make sure you print the pix with the story for his memory box.