Sunday, July 29, 2007

music box dancer

a must-have for every little girl.
brings along it's very own dreams with it ~ doesn't it?

tía has been pestering me lately for a jewelry with dancing ballerina.
we found one yesterday.
she hasn't let it out of her sight (ok - i lie) right now as she's asleep - she's closed it up in her bedside cabinet "so the mosquitos don't get it mom"
lol - there isn't a mozzie in sight!
thank goodness these things don't work with batteries - is all i can say.

You walk in the room and you're wearing a frown
You reach for the shelf and cradle it down
The Music Box Dancer, what does it prove?
Only that you need to see a statue that moves.
A tutu of satin, bordered with lace,
Slender lines, agile legs, a wonderland face.
Her beauty is balanced, an immovable pose,
Eternally destined to remain on her toes.
Music Box Dancer, she is only a toy,
Project upon her your dreams of wanting life's joy;
She's perched on her stand, and never will part,
A final gaze upon her, now the music will start.
You wind the doll up, it's nostalgic because
You've been here before, so give one final pause
To dream of the future, to reflect on the past,
Music Box Dancer start your whirling at last.
The room fills with music, such a cute song,
Watching her go 'round and 'round, she's where she belongs;
Bring joy to the watchers, spreading a glow,
Whenever wound up, she'll put on a good show.
Music Box Dancer, do you think or believe
She could step off her box if she wanted to leave?
So easy it is, twirl around with such grace,
Staying in her circle, she remains in one place.
Such a brief moment, a small time to spend,
The dancing will slow soon, the music will end;
In real life we're plastic, nature's unfair,
How can we breathe life, how can we share
The knowledge and insights hidden in tombs,
We're all Music Box Dancers all alone in our rooms;
We sit on our shelves where objects reside,
We don't allow the music to get right inside.
Music Box Dancer's now completely alone,
No winder or no listener, because nobody's home;
How long before someone will re-wind the spring?
The room will now be witness; and silence can't sing.
~frank mills~


Anonymous said...

Tia must be over the moon with her new gift. You've captured the box and your gorgeous daughter so beautifully in those pics Des...


Markusse Family said...

Stunning Des. I love that pic of her holding her new treasure.

Anonymous said...

... whimsical and beautiful ! Really stunning Des .


Jenty said...

What a beautiful music box!