Saturday, July 19, 2008

Can't get enough

of looking back and reminiscing.
thank goodness for photos which make the memories last forever.
...and lest we forget about the kitties of greece.
there are *so* many stray cats, not only is it frightening, but it's very, very sad.
some have good homes, but others are not so lucky...
it's heartbreaking, it is.

bread and water are a given when you sit down at any restaurant in greece.
can you say "yum"?

the kids went fishing everyday - it was a MUST.
they froze all the fish they caught, and on the last day, we eat them for lunch! they were SOOO chuffed with themselves. lol
here's some of the ones they caught. they're called "gavros"


Diana Ornes Photography said...

Desi, I love these. You really caputured that city. Now I want to go to Greece! Those fish look so yummy too! Amazing work!

Jenty said...

Oh stunning!! I love the boat! That's one place I'd love to visit!

Kel said...

Gosh Des.Those are absolutely beautiful!!!

Fiona's photo a day said...

I'm so glad to see there are more Greece photo's - I am really loving them!