Wednesday, July 16, 2008

...and here are some more

can you see why i'm longing to return...?
these were taken at the little harbour a few metres from our home.

this is a little church built on rocks - you can sit there and view the gorgeous sunset below

amazing huh?
i had to laugh: we were heading towards the little village with the glorious sunset, just so that i could photograph the sunset, and we were a tad late. so i was stressing that i wouldn't make it on time.
11 km could take up to 25 minutes to drive on the island, because it's very mountainous, and the roads are narrow and curvy.
i was devastated because it looked like we wouldn't make it, and then around the next corner we were confronted with this: lol!
10 minutes later they got them out of the way. the chap on the left was holding a metal dish-type thing, and a bar of some sort, and he was beating the dish and shouting at the goats. they hurried over to the side, and ran down the rest of the way.
thankfully, i made my sunset.

this old, broken down house is at the beach which we frequented the most often. just down the road from us.

this ruin is also right next to where we swam. and next door to it is the fanciest house on the block.

as i mentioned before, old and new, side by side.

crumbling ruins beside mansions.

the next few were taken just along the and there

thanx for joining me on my journey


Tanja said...

You have some beautiful shots there, I love the one with the boys on the bicycles.

Natacha said...


Diana Ornes Photography said...

Those ruins are awesome. Taking some TD session shots there would be amazing!

Jenty said...

Wow, those are absolutely stunning shots!!
what a beautiful place

Fiona's photo a day said...

Just looking at your photo's makes me long to go there Des. Wow you've captured the island beautifully!