Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We're back!

we're back from greece, and what a glorious, glorious time we had!


it was the *best* holiday we've ever had.
it was so peaceful, and just divine.
i feasted my eyes everyday on the beautiful sights ~ and boy were there many of those.

a country so rich in colour! it's amazing. old and new side by side.

i tried to take photos of everything, but my pics don't do it justice.

here is a taste of what i saw.

family pics to follow, once my feet hit the ground.


Natacha said...

I am drooling Des. What wonderfull photographs!!!!!! And the memories!!!!

JaneW said...

Wowie those are fabulous!!!

More more!!

Jenty said...

Oh wow wow!! Des those are incredible!! I LOVE the first one!

Tanja said...

Oh wow wow wow, those bring back such memories.

My best is the first one, it's absolutely divine...do you sell prints by any chance?

Desi said...

thanx SO much ladies!
Tanja - i've never really sold prints before, but i'm willing to start.
i'm beyond flattered.
thanx again!!

Mignon said...

Absolutely stunning!!!