Tuesday, November 18, 2008

...my beautiful shepherd girl

dont'cha just love this time year? the prize givings and concerts and farewells?
those functions always make me soppy...and grabbing for the tissues...especially if my babies are taking part.
here's miss tía - a shepherd in her school concertand here she is as a dalmation in her dancing concert.

definately the best shepherd AND dalmation i ever did see! sadly, jamie is in grade 1 now - so no concerts for him.
i'm certainly going to miss these years.


Jenty said...

OMW that last photo is exquisite!

Janet said...

Aw! Precious! It's such a special time - enjoy!!

Natasha said...

She is so beautiful!
Love the dalmatian photo, her whole face lights up when she smiles!

Karin said...

She IS so beautiful and the pictures are simple and stunning! I also tear up at each concert my son participates in - I wonder if it will ever stop?

Gillian said...

Pity Jamie has outgrown all the concerts...I get teary eyed at all the kids - even if I don't know them. Its just so sweet and emotional. She's stunning