Sunday, November 23, 2008

New backdrops

i've been testing out my lighting on my new backdrops.
i had to cheat a little tho, thank goodness for photoshop. *evil grin*


Jenty said...

They're beautiful! I love the red. Are they fabric?

Natasha said...

gosh she looks so much older with her hair up hey?
Love the red drop!

Gillian said...

I love both of them but Tia looks stunning in the second one. So grown up!

Tanja said...

ooooh, those are gorgeous!

Are they fabric?

Karin said...

I love them too. Have also lately been playing with the idea of getting some patterned fabric to play around with, they work really well. And your daughter is just the perfect little model!

Desi said...

thanx so much guys!
yes, they're fabric, with a cheat. hee hee
i couldn't find *exactly* what i was looking for, so i did the next best thing.